Please note that we only accept reservation for max 2 months in advance for min 3 nights booking.

Please follow the instructions reservations for the rental apartment of your choice:

  1. Send e-mail/sms which contains: name, hp number, date in / out, the number of people (adult and children), the desired apartment.
  2. After an agreement is reached, we will send you an e-mail/sms so you can make deposit transfer as confirmation of your reservation.
  3. Please notify us immediately if you've made payments by sending a sms to no: 62 817 6466 946 (for SMS), please inform the name, date of check in and out and the room you ordered.
  4. After we check your deposit payment we will send confirmation of your booking. Make sure you inform your email address is valid and active email. You can just print your order confirmation sheet and show it when you check-in. You can just print your order confirmation sheet and show it you Pls check-in.


  1. Deposit 1 night bookings for 1-3 nights, 2 nights deposit for bookings of more than 3 nights. Special for DEC booking deposit of 50% of the total.
  2. There is no deposit refund for cancellations for any reason, including part cancellation except cancellation by owner.
  3. Payment of deposits made into the BCA account in IDR and the balance will be paid in cash SGD upon check in at the apartment


* Due to the limited number of rooms then your order will be accepted based on: a-first come first confirm 
* We are not responsible for any agreement by e-mail or phone, simply pay a deposit will confirm your order.


Please select a payment method That You Want:

  1. Transfer directly to the account of Singapore in SGD currency. If you choose this way then you must add $ 10 in the amount of your shipment, so that your money is received by the amount of the requested deposit (full amount). So for example if you deposit $ 100 then the amount you transfer is $ 110.
  2. Transfer into account in the currency IDR BCA. If you choose this method, the exchange rate to be charged is the rate of TT SELL BCA + IDR 100/SGD (rounded amount).


* E-mail Bill Gives a chance to use the deposit payment transfer payment to the account of the BCA. If you want the payment made by transfer to an account in Singapore, please contact us or mention in your Inquiry Form.

Please note the illustration below as an illustration depsoit different ways of payment.

Suppose the amount of deposit you pay is SGD 100 and the exchange rate prevailing TT SELL BCA is 6800.

  1. If you choose to transfer to an account in Singapore then you have to Spend the money of SGD 110 X Rp. 6800 = Rp. 748 000 Transfer Fee.Rp.50.000, so the total is Rp.798 000. Not to mention you have to come directly to the bank for this transaction.
  2. If you choose to transfer to BCA account then you just spend the money amounted to SGD 100 X Rp. 7000 = Rp. 7000 = Rp. 700,000.Transfer Fee Free if you have a BCA account or only Rp. 5000 for local inter-bank transfers. You also have plenty of options without having to come directly to the bank such as: via internet banking, mobile-banking, and ATM. This method is basically easier, cheaper and simpler.

Please Consider which is more Suitable with your conditions. May be the first way can be cheaper if you for instance work in the Bank and has facilities for free transfer. Or you have relatives in Singapore who can help you to transfer deposit.

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*SMS or whatsapp during office hour

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