1. Use Sea route

holiday in singaporeIf your intention is for a vacation, I recommend to use the sea route from Batam. Because while in Batam you can also visit some interesting places like the KTM Resort at Batam, Balerang, Kampung Vietnam, Bintan Island, Temple Hot River, Beach Nongsa, and also try some delicious sea food addition using the sea route you can save costs taxable because the fiscal costs through sea route is cheaper than air path. Oh yes do not forget also to exchange currency to the currency Rupiah Singapore Dollar. In Batam many stalls Money Changer so you can be sure it is not difficult to exchange your money. (But, in the year 2009, if already have a TIN use of aircraft is also advantageous, because the immigration queue in singapore for very crowded sea. NPWP special Why? Because there is no fiscal cost.

2. Do not Use a Tour Agent

You should not use tour agents because Singapore is very easy area to be explored. Singapore has a means of public transportation is excellent, so do not have to worry about transportation problems. Markers and maps on Singapore roads is also very easy to learn. But for you who still do not dare to go without a tour guide, you can use an existing tour services in Batam. Banya available in Batam tour service with very competitive prices.

3. Bring Drinking Water Supplies, Umbrellas, and BackPack

I strongly advise you to bring drinking water supplies you can buy in Batam as the price of potable water in Singapore is relatively more expensive. Bring at least 4 liters of water because while in Singapore you will be much the way I also menyerankan you carry an umbrella. He3 .. do not let the drizzle and the heat of the sun blocking your intention to explore the interesting places in Singapore. So you can still feel comfortable during a walk in Singapore, sebagiknya you carry a backpack or backpack. This bag you can use to collect drinking water, umbrellas, and also some interesting stuff you might buy while visiting certain places.

4. Find a Map at the Harbour Front, or at Changi Airport

Once you arrive at the port of Singapore (Harbour Front) take all the info about tourism in Singapore. There also you will find a map of Singapore. Save and study these maps carefully. If possible you should take at least two maps as a backup in case the map that you hold is lost or damaged. Map of Singapore is very easy to learn. In these maps also have information about interesting places what can be visited for day trips.

5. Use the MRT - Mass Rapid Transport and Bus

While in Singapore I strongly advise you to use the MRT (sub-way) and also buses. Do not be afraid, you will not really get lost because the path info MRT and bus lines is very detailed and easy to understand. Info MRT route can also be obtained from a map of Singapore. When you use the MRT and buses, you'll be amazed because of cleanliness, order, security, and also the accuracy of the time. Really comfortable and safe to use the MRT, you can purchase tickets via MRT MRT Ticketing Machine. Use of this machine is very easy, you just set your destination station and then you will be prompted to enter an amount of money and if the amount correct, then the machine will issue a ticket. When you enter the excess money that eating machine will also issue change. MRT ticket that is used to apply passive RFID Module. Anyway really sophisticated dech In Singapore there are 3 MRT lines, the NE (North East) with a purple marker lane, NS (Nort South) with red perwarna lane marker, and EW (East West) with a green lane marker. While in Singapore, to those that existed as a lot of tourists will use an NE and NS to visit places of tourist interest

6. Find Apartments for Places Overnight

While in Singapore I do not recommend staying at the hotel because the cost is quite expensive. Anyway while in Singapore you will be a lot of road. At least during the hours of 9 am until 10 pm you'll be on the streets I recommend you to rent a room in one apartment. Easy really, you just go to Chinatown alone. There were several large apartments. I recommend to spend the night at People's Park. There, just go to the floor 23 s.d. 25 and start asking each apartment owner whether you can rent one of their rooms. At People's Park many kok that rent rooms to tourists and of course your costs will be much less. Fair khan least excess cost can you allocate to buy souvenirs

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