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Singapore has more than 66,000 students who come from 60 countries. National students have selected schools that follow the government's education system the Ministry of Education Singapore or foreign schools that implement various international educational systems.

Policy use of two languages has attracted foreign students to deepen their English skills and their Mandarin.

Here are some reasons why Singapore became famous educational centers are as follows:

* Education in Singapore has received awards from around the world
* Graduate Singapore schools best recognized by both Eastern and Western countries
* With multi-cultural environment, an atmosphere conducive for students to deepen their English skills and their Mandarin
* Singapore is a city that is safe and can be reached within a few hours from most cities in Asia.
* Singapore has a high quality living environment with good health care, arts and culture is interesting, exciting nightlife, and there are many restaurants with various kinds of international food menu.
* More than 7000 multi-national companies operating in Singapore offers networking opportunities and industry work very well.
* Singapore has an excellent transportation system that adds interest to foreign students.

Education System In Singapore

Education system in Singapore consists of four main institutions, namely:

* Government, government-funded schools and independent elementary and secondary school level
* Local Universities, Polytechnics and Institute of Technical Education to post-secondary education
* Private schools for elementary and secondary level education
* Schools with a system of schools abroad and foreign / international

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Singapore has many international schools and is common for foreigners to send their children to attend school in the country to implement the system and educational model similar to that applied in their countries.

The following is a list of some of the International School in Singapore:

* Australian International School
* Canadian International (Elementary)
* Canadian International (Middle School)
* Dover Court Preparatory School
* Germany European School
* Hollandse School
* ISS International School (Elementary & Middle)
* ISS International School (High School)
* Japanese School Singapore (Primary)
* Singapore Japanese School (Secondary)
* Fraincais Lycee De Singapour
* Overseas Family School
* Singapore American School
* Singapore Korean School
* Swiss School Singapore
* United World College of S.E.A.
* Waseda Shibuya Senior High School

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