Universal Studios SingaporeUniversal Studios Singapore stands in the area of Resort World Sentosa Integrated Resort, which is the region still has just opened officially in April of 2010.

Current Status: Soft Opening

Each set foot in the various zones, you will feel a different nuance. Universal Studios Singapore is divided into 7 zones, Madagascar, the Palace of Far Far Away from the world of Shrek was the first in the world, The Lost World where you can find the world of dinosaurs and Waterworld, Ancient Egypt - a world full of ancient Egyptian mummies, Sci- Fi - a futuristic city and the last two zones takes the theme of a famous city in America that is Hollywood and New York.

If you choose from the main gate to the left lane, the first sequence from the area in Universal Studios Singapore is as follows:


From Madagascar that became a hit film, produced by DreamWorks Animation film, made in this area. An area with the feel of a thick tropical forest, filled with unique animals and amazing like lemurs and foosas. Singing birds and the cries of monkeys broke the silence of the forest as you explore deeper areas of this tropical forest, which he called you will explore this area by boat.

Attractions in Madagascar zone:

* King Julien's Beach Party-Go-RoundKing Julien's Beach Party-Go-Round
Spinning carrousel ride in the back of his cartoon characters Madagascar. This Madagascar-themed carousel.
* Each set foot in the various zones, you will feel a different nuance. Some zones like zone in the Universal Studios Sci-Fi, vehicle Madagascar, and the Palace of Far Far Away from the world of Shrek was the first in the world. A Crate ADVENTURE
Join the four figures Madagascar Alex, Marty, Melman and Gloria on adventures along the coast of Madagascar. You will be invited to adventure on the boat to beat foosas on the edge of a volcano crater with the help of psycho penguins are smart.

Want to meet with cartoon characters from the movie Shrek? It's here. You can meet with leaders donkey, the world watched Shrek 4D adventure, ride the rainbow fairies, and climbed into the back of the dragon donkey girlfriend (roller coaster) to witness an amazing world of Shrek, you can see the figures the Three Little Pigs, the Big Bad Wolf, Pinocchio Gingy up. Watch Shrek the real world here!

Far Far Away State complete with unique shops that adorn the Way Romeo Drive (a play on the Rodeo Drive). In this zone, you will be pampered multi-dimensional attractions in Shrek 4-D and Donkey Live and there are many stores that offer a variety of miniature Merchandise, souvenirs Shrek theme around the world.

Attractions in the zone of Far Far Away :

* Enchanted Airways
Roller Coaster ride Feel the excitement surrounding the world of Far-Far Away.
* Shrek 4D Adventure
Sit in a comfortable theater to watch the adventures of Shrek rescue Princess Fiona. Splashing water, wind and moving seats that can make you feel really adventurous go rescue the Princess.
* Spin Magic Potion
Games for the little guy. Go to the castle Shrek there was a mini Ferris wheel made of wood and in this unique design will make a child more cheerful and refreshed after spending time outdoors in direct sunlight.
* Donkey Live
Donkey's live show can be seen in the theater inside the palace Shrek.

The Lost World

Divided into 2 areas: Jurassic Park and Waterworld, for you the fans both blockbuster films, you can experience for yourself how the atmosphere of tropical forests where dinosaurs hiding, see Pteranodons fly in the air is a truly amazing experience. Then in Waterworld you can watch such thrilling performances in the film "Waterworld" original, this show will be enlivened with bursts of fire and explosion scenes that water really original. Truly sensational.

Attractions in the zone of The Lost World:

* Uss_lostworld_zone_indiv_wwWaterWorld
Amazing amazing show. Show this one will feature pieces of the story from the movie Waterworld, which is the peak of the battle between the Mariner and Captain Baldy in an effort to save his girlfriend Helen. This show will be filled with special effects and an exciting scene a stuntman. Sparks, smoke, fire effects are on the water until the plane flew into the arena show (as in the photo) really make you amazed.
* CanopyflyerCanopy Flyer
A vehicle that invites you to travel the world from a height of Dinosaurs. Get on the seat it and feel how he called you brought to the top and then glide with a speed that is not too high that this game can be enjoyed also by those elderly who are not afraid of heights.
* Dino-soarin-the-lost-world-ussDino-Soarin
Get on the back of Pteranodon and then flew high into the sky surrounding the world of dinosaurs.
* Amber-rock-climbAmber Rock Climb
Taste the adventure of rock climbing unusual. You'll climb a cliff filled with stone jewelry that is priceless because in it there are the fossils of insects from dinosaur era.
Courtesy of insing.com

Courtesy of insing.com

Jurasic Park Rapids Adventure
Let berpetualan down the river which has a swift current, so your ship will often hit the side of the river, jumped over a small waterfall and be prepared to get wet. Prepare change of clothes if you want to get into this vehicle, if you're lucky then you can just come out in the dry state.

Ancient Egypt

Explore the exciting land of ancient Egypt. You can see the ancient pyramids and obelisks standing with gagahnya. You'll feel like a country brought to Egypt by setting the year 1930, the golden age of Egypt. Exploring the land of Egypt in the era when the grave was found in which kutukannyapun Pharaohs began to spread death, really suspenseful and amazing!

Attractions in the zone of Ancient Egypt:

Revenge of the Mummy
Roller Coaster Ride at high speed, backed up suddenly with a high speed and then there will be too sharp derivative of your adrenalin. Round the world of ancient Egypt, a dark and mysterious with a high-speed Roller Coaster. (Not recommended for pregnant women and parents).
* Uss_ancientegypt_zone_treasure-Hunter hunterTreasure
Come around with ease to search for treasure with old jeeps drove a la Indiana Jones.


Sci-Fi City

A zone designed to be a futuristic city. Ever seen those movies about a future in which cities have turned into a sea of concrete and iron.

There are 3 rides in this area. The third vehicle is

* Battlestar Galactica Battlestar Galactica Cyclon & Human
Roller Coaster terdahsyat with 2 different paths. Roller Coaster and Human Cyclon has a track opposite each other on each other and could Roller Coaster Roller Coaster face to face with another group, this creates a different experience in enjoying the game Roller Coaster. Really like the battle between humans and robots.

* Accelerator
Sitting on a futuristic chair and you will be twisted around to penetrate the space of time. For those of you who easily dizziness and nausea is not advisable to try this attraction.


New York

The next zone is where you will feel like being in new york city with a down the road where there are many rows of shops on the right and left are designed just like in the streets of New York. Then find a legendary artist is also along this road. You can take pictures fun with your idol figures who come from the past such as Charlie Chaplin and Marilyn Monroe.

Attractions that can be found here is

* Lights, Camera, Action! where you can see how powerful the special effects start from a blank area and then changed the settings to a spot in New York and his condition was hit by a big storm. Incredible special effects can make you like actually being in the midst of raging storms, heavy winds and then there are the ships that fire until finally there is a large ferry boat suddenly came in and hit the deck where you stand and you will spontaneously jump ... fear and surprise.
* Stage 28 is also still around the theme of the film where there are sound stage with the latest technology used for producing the film.


Hollywood Zone near the exit gate entrance to the Universal Studio. When you first came in and took the lane right next to you then this zone is a zone that is your first visit. Adopt-known forms of architecture and of course you can walk on walk of fame in the area between the palm trees, typical of Hollywood. In this zone there will be a lot of store merchandise and of course there are the attractions are no less interesting with another zone that is live performance at the Universal Studios monsters musical event called "rock-n-roll musical" at the Hollywood Pantages Theater .
Live Monsters Rock Show

Live Monsters Rock Show

Hollywood Zone

Ticket Prices Universal Studios Singapore

1 day entrance ticket - Weekdays from Monday through Friday.
Adult - Sin $ 66
Child - Sin $ 48
Senior - Sin $ 32

1 day entrance ticket to Public Holidays, Eve of Public Holidays and Super-Peak Periods.
Adult - Sin $ 72
Child - Sin $ 52
Senior - Sin $ 36

Ticket for 2 consecutive days
Adult - Sin $ 118
Child - Sin $ 88
Senior - Sin $ 58

Express Pass

Express passes give you the owner of the ticket to get priority over all existing attractions at Universal Studios this. The amount will be limited each day and must be purchased together at the time of ticket purchase.
Ticket Type



Super Peak5
Universal Express *
(In Addition to your admission ticket)

S $ 30

S $ 48

S $ 68

Off Peak3: Ordinary Day (Monday - Friday)
Peak4: Ordinary Day at School Holiday Season
Super Peak5: Weekends and Black-Out Dates

Operating Hours Universal Studios Singapore
Ordinary Day: AM 9:00 to 18:00
The period Soft Opening, Operating Hours on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays are 9 am to 6 pm.

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