Here's some interesting places that can be visited while in Singapore

1. Orchard Road

Orchard Road is a road that is filled with malls and a few attractions of the road. The road was rather long. Along the way you can meet lots of interesting ornaments to take pictures

2. Botanical Garden

For you lovers of plants or those that enjoy greenery would really enjoy the beauty of the Botanical Garden. Here you can find various types of plants. One of the plants to be seeded here is the Orchid. At the Botanical Garden is a lot of research and also interbred to produce a new variant of orchids. Area Botanical Garden itself quite broad, but you do not need to worry because at the Botanical Garden you can find some point to sit around and also for drinking. Here the drinking water provided free of charge you can also drink your bottle merefill

3. Marlion

This is the place you must visit when visiting Singapore. Marlion water is a symbol of the state lion statue Singapore. Marlion located in the City Hall. At least you have their pictures taken here to indicate you have ever visited Singapore

4. Esplanade

Esplane art gallery is located in the City Hall. Its location adjacent to the Marlion. Here you can see some art exhibitions and, sometimes, there are several free performances

5. Sentosa Island

Sentosa is an island which is devoted by the government of Singapore for tourism. To cross the Sentosa Island you can use the Sentosa Express monorail. The station is located at Vivo City, Harbour Front. At Sentosa there are some attractions that you can follow, there is Image of Singapore, Fort Siloso, Carlsberg Tower, Song of the Sea, Luge, SkyRider, and several other activities.

6. Sri Mariaman Temple

This is a Hindu temple located in the Chinatown area. You also can enter this temple and took some pictures in it. Only thing to remember here is that when entering the temple you must take off your footwear.

7. Bugis Junction

Here you can find many shops and selling them souvenirs. Decorative ornaments are also a good way. There is a game that is quite unique fountain here

8. Singapore River

Singapore River is a river located in the City Hall. You also can rent a boat untu kmenelusuri this river. The time needed to explore this river is more or less about 30 minutes. During down the river you can enjoy the beauty of Singapore and Singapore photographing scenery from the river bank. This boat trip will also be passed Marlion. While enjoying your boat trip will also be given an explanation by the guide with respect to this river and an overview of the history of some bridges across this river.

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