SingaporePreviously, Indonesian people who shop in Singapore is synonymous with the rich. Not afdol taste if you feel rich, but do not have a hobby back and forth to Singapore, just to shop.

Stated another first today. First, the charges need to be issued to the Singapore is expensive. Just imagine, two decades ago, in 1990, when it starts there is a national private airline (Indonesia), which serves international routes from Jakarta to Singapore, go-home ticket prices the cheapest I can get is 1 million of dollars (forget exactly how many) . That, too, with increased flights airline Sempati Air, which has long been deceased before they could enjoy the boom times of domestic flights in Indonesia recently. Do not forget, that in the early decades of the 90s as a comparison, the price of a Toyota Kijang Super the standard when it is about USD 15 million-an. Not to mention the fiscal cost of air that must be paid, amounting to Rp 250,000 per person (tax now air is USD 1,000,000).

Well, now, with booming domestic flights that occurred in Indonesia, the economic law goes well. As more and more flight options, ticket prices, too, corrected in accordance with market prices. Prices are no longer determined arbitrarily. Because prospective passengers now have many choices.

Of the many options available, most people still only know the conventional route to Singapore, from Jakarta (Cengkareng airport) flying directly to Singapore (Changi Airport). Although lately many are aware of alternative paths which can be cheaper, namely via Batam, but not everyone knows.

How the hell do I if we wanted to go to Singapore via Batam? Are Safe? Can all the time? It could be cheaper? The answer is YES.

There are many choices of domestic airlines from Jakarta to Batam. Cheapest ticket price is Rp 200,000 per one way. Of course, also required a little patience and luck to get this ticket. To be sure-certainly does, normally around USD $ 250000-275000. If you want to be more certain to get the cheapest ticket, simple formula is to avoid to go / come home at weekends, especially long weekends. Do not forget, at the Soekarno-Hatta, Jakarta, you must pay airport tax of Rp 30,000 (for domestic flights). Compare it, for international flights from Cengkareng, airport tax to be paid is USD $ 100,000!

Arriving at Hang Nadim Airport, Batam, before meeting with the baggage claim of the plane, you will see there is a ticket sales counter speedboats toward Harbor Front, Singapore. Was stopped by there. Want to know my strategy? Monitor only from a distance first. If approximately one else is going to counter that, too, and he alone or both (just when aggregated with your friends and if go with friends / spouse) is not more than 4 people, is soon approaching. For what? Well, why I mentioned it later.

In this counter, we can buy tickets quickly ship it to Singapore for SGD 12 for a one-way, or SGD 14 for a ticket go-home. This price applies only to the people of Indonesia (if you have not had an Indonesian passport, more expensive again. If no one SGD 20 per one way). May be paid with dollars. There are 2 options here speedboats, Batam Fast or Penguin. I think the same. It also set off almost simultaneously. Only about 10 minutes later. Almost every hour there is a schedule of departure.

Furthermore, from the Hang Nadim airport, we must take a taxi to the port. There are 2 options port, Batam Center or Sekupang. You decide. Ferry ticket that you have purchased is valid in second place. I personally prefer to depart from Batam Center. The location is closer than the airport. Indeed, the consequences a little longer at sea. 60 minutes. Medium Sekupang departing from the port, the sea is only about 45 minutes. The problem is, so is more expensive cab fare. Another advantage of the port of Batam Center is adjacent to the mall. So if there's still time before the scheduled ferry departure, could see-saw or lunch for a while.

Cab fare in Batam quite expensive. For a distance Hang Nadim Airport Batam Center to cost USD 70,000. Do not use bargain-bid. With such distances, with a taxi ride that blue bird logo in Jakarta was the most only about Rp 25,000! Well, here was an opportunity to re-save. All the people of Jakarta to Singapore via Batam surely because he wanted to save money. So, do not be shy or ashamed to admonish people who both wanted to buy a ferry ticket at the counter in the airport, to simply bring together took a taxi to the port! So far I've had an experience denied guns. Definitely not! Could top-four. Yes cab fare divided by 4 :-)) Â Actually, from the time on the plane or even when they were checking in at Cengkareng, you can find friends sharing a taxi ride in Batam. Try a little more observant, you surely can tell which people whose goal is simply to Batam, which will continue to Singapore. His style of another:-D

Arriving at the port of Batam Center, you must check in at the counter ferry company you choose (Batam Fast or Penguin. Oh yes, here too there are other options besides these two, the Wave Master). Select the hour that you want. Check-in is closed 15 minutes before the hour of departure. Here you must pay tax Seaport of SGD 3 (such as airport tax when the airport is).

After that, do not forget to pay the fiscal tax payment counter sea. It costs only Rp 500,000 (compared with fiscal air from Cengkareng, the tariff is Rp 1 million!). I am among those who are lucky because my passport output immigration office in Lampung. Tax free if I depart from the port / airport anywhere in Sumatra. So also other passport holders Sumatra.

Immediately get into the waiting room, do not be late, if you select the nearest departure hours. Wait until there is a call to board the ship. Enjoy the trip was at sea. His boat is pretty good and really clean.

Travel 60 minutes is not felt. Just for a moment had arrived at the Harbour Front in Singapore. One thing must be remembered by the smokers, no duty free in Singapore apply to cigarettes. In other words, no matter how many cigarettes do you bring, few or many, will be subject to excise duty. Hard to make a clove cigarette production in the country. The price in lion country can be many times more. The goal is clear, so people do not smoke. But if you want to escape it seems simple enough, if you bring a few packets, do not put piled into one. Spread it in several places or even multiple bags.

From the Harbor Front, live set goals like staying where. I tend to avoid booking in advance. There are many lodging options in Singapore. From a class that only backpacker-bed rental, roommates could be 10-16 people up to a 5-star hotel.

Because the themes that I raise in this paper is an inexpensive way to Singapore, of course we are not interested in discussing a 4 star inn upstairs.

If you are alone, it might be interesting to try to stay in backpacker accommodation. I've tried in the Bugis area. If you want to look for, please just ride the MRT to Bugis station. I forgot the name of the building. What is clear, the marker is the Burger King is on one side of the building. Burger King and backpacker accommodation is on the side of L. Inn is located on the 3rd floor. You only need to pay an amount of SGD 20 per person for the room containing the bed level of 8 units (so that the full can 16 people). Her room air-conditioned. It was in my room there are several Caucasian girls and boys, there is Japan and also India. All friendly. Characteristic of the backpacker. Another alternative is on the Little India. There I even noticed some backpacker lodging options, which if viewed from the outside does seem better than I have ever tried in the Bugis area. Compared with other alternatives, this choice is actually interesting.

Usually backpacker accommodation provides some clothes washing machines that can be operated by inserting coins. In addition, there are also 1-2 PC that provides for access to the Internet with pre-paid voucher system-heard-heard of in Little India can access the Internet free, even providing wi-fi hotspot, too. There is a TV room with a variety of reading / novels which usually is inherited from the tourists who had stayed there. Breakfast was provided, although self-service. There was bread and instant noodles. Also tea, coffee and milk. Finish eating, clean the back all the equipment you use. Backpacker inn is said that there are roughly asked his guest to wash utensils that have been re-used; with attached writing about reading "Do not forget to clean up. Your mother does not work here! "Fortunately it was in Europe.

Update: backpacker accommodation in Singapore who has a website so you can see what kind of atmosphere in it-is InnCrowd and Betelbox.

If you are interested in backpacker-style adventure, there are other cheaper alternatives. Come to the Orchard (also ride the MRT). In the vicinity of Orchard there are many apartments for rent. Which is pretty well known by many people of Indonesia is located in Lucky Plaza. Rental prices start from SGD 40-80 per night. So, if you are not alone, renting an apartment is a good alternative. Moreover, the Orchard is a shopping paradise, ranging from cheap goods and cheap, to world-class brands, all here.

If you still choose more conventional lodging hotel-alias-exist in various parts of Singapore. As I said earlier, guns need to be booked in advance. Areas most hotel (which is cheap, with rates around SGD 40-80 per night) is on seputaran Geylang. In contrast to the Bugis, Little India and / or Orchard whose name is plastered clear as a station name, too-so you will easily see their name when they wanted to buy tickets Geylang MRT-name not on the list that is passed MRT station. Name of station to choose is Aljunied. Walk about 5-10 minutes into the surrounding Lorong 22, Lorong 20, Lorong 18 and Lorong 16 (ask the officer at the station or see a map of everywhere. Do not ever afraid to get lost in Singapore. From one end to this state can taken within 1 hour by car!), here are a stack of the hotel. When the day started late, so you'll know why many hotels here. Yes, because here is the area the night (red-light district), its Singapore. Much like when Mangga Besar in Jakarta.

The hotels here typically apply a discount too. That's why, do not be booked from the Internet or your travel agency in Jakarta. Check-in and get a quote (usually plastered on walls in the front office), try it to pretend to be surprised and say, you know really that much ..? rather than price should seginiâ € | (as he mentions a number of around SGD 20 cheaper than the price displayed.) Of course, talking in English. Not all Singaporeans understand the Malay language, especially those who are ethnic Chinese or Indian. Ask for a discount, says if you've been there. Of course, as long as your passport says that you often go to Singapore. If your passport does not say so, just tell your friends often go there and say the price was this. It works, my friend!

If business stays completed, live business streets. All the people of Indonesia to the streets to the Orchard Singapore definite, though perhaps only to look around. Another must place to see and take pictures near the statue of lions (called Merlion. Take the MRT to Raffles City). For a cheap shop (shopping street) can be done in Bugis or China Town. For example, the price of pictorial shirt with the inscription "Singapore is a fine city" is popular it can be obtained at SGD 10 for 4 pieces of t-shirts of various sizes. One of the places to shop śwajibâ € â €? Another for the people of Indonesia is Mustafa center. Take the MRT, get off at Little India. This one shopping center already notorious cheapness .. and most importantly, he is open 24 hours a day!

There are many other myriad of other interesting places in Singapore. There are many brochures that you can take in various public places in Singapore. One of them is right in front of the door you exit from the checkpoint when the new stuff off the speedboat which takes you from the Batam.

In essence, for a trip to Singapore now do not need much capital. The important thing is knowing what to do. Oh yes, for the point home, this time does not hurt to choose the direct route from Changi airport in Singapore to go directly to Jakarta. At least at this moment there are already some of Indonesia's national airlines serving the Singapore-Jakarta route, Garuda Indonesia, Merpati, Lion Air and Adam Air. If you want to try the airline's planes overseas, such as KLM, Cathay, Singapore Airlines, etc. also attract tuh. Occasionally nyobain large aircraft! Tickets must have been a message from Jakarta.

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