singaporeNow, traveling outside the country in general and to Singapore (Singapore or Singapore) in particular, cost is almost the same as a vacation in the country because of the tax-free for those who have a TIN, and also the number of budget airlines which opens direct route to Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. Although there are differences in cost but not sesignifikan before, so the trip to Singapore to be a reasonable option to consider. I want to share advice to friends who have never been to Singapore, so friends will have a better planned and preparation can enjoy these holidays.

Vacation in Singapore is a pretty good experience as study materials for us to live more orderly, clean and disciplined. Many of my friends, including my own, when returning to the country can feel a huge difference, so the mind-set we will also differ regarding the cleanliness, orderliness and discipline after returning to the Fatherland.

Below are some suggestions before your vacation in Singapore:

Prepare the budget to suit your financial condition. Things that must go into planning costs include:

- Air tickets
- Lodging
- Local Transportation from home - Singapore - home (prepare about 10-20 SGD per person per 3 days for local transportation with the MRT and buses in Singapore)
Airport Tax (for Singapore is usually included into the plane ticket)
The cost city tour and admission to attractions (prepare around SGD 50-100 per person).
- Plan to shop

First flight is the best option to fly to Singapore because of the relatively short travel time (1 hour 45 minutes), so that when he arrived in Singapore, you still can spend all day to get around downtown. When home, choose the last flight, so you still have time to get around Singapore before flying back to Indonesia.

Choose accommodation during their stay in Singapore prior to departure. Large selection of hotels in Singapore, ranging from jasmine class up to 5 star. many of my friends who use rental apartment near Orchard Road are fairly competitive price. For those who like the feel of the hotel and have a limited budget, choose a 3 or 4 star hotels are not in the business or commercial district because the price is relatively affordable. Stay at the family or friends is also an option but the importance of privacy, this is not recommended.

Buy Singapore Dollar (SGD) from Indonesia due to the exchange rate of the rate is cheaper than if we buy SGD in Singapore.

Arriving at Changi Airport, take a map of Singapore which is provided free at the airport and start reading because it will be very useful to get around Singapore in the future. There are several modes of transportation to get to downtown, one of the MRT. If you do not carry baggage is too heavy, you can use the MRT because the cost is cheaper than using a taxi (SGD 20-30 each way). If you arrive early morning, try to rest and sleep 2-3 hours in advance to recover the bodies after a journey from the Fatherland.

Nearing lunch, try to start the tour by buying a MRT card that can be used at once for the bus because it's cheaper than using a taxi.

First, tujulah Lau Pa Sat, the food court-style colonial architecture, located in the Financial District. This place can be reached from Orchard Road by bus or MRT. Many food options there, including kosher food (do not hesitate to ask.)

After lunch, many tourist destinations around the Lau Pa Sat. You can walk into the Sir Raffles Landing Site (where Sir Stamford Raffles first set foot in Singapore), then you can follow the Singapore River Tour.

The next destination is Singapore Bridge and Clifford Pier to see the Merlion (Singapore state symbol is the statue of a lion-headed fish). Towards Esplanade (durian shaped opera house) is only about 300 m which can be reached only by foot. From there, you can go to Old Parliament House, Padang, City Hall, Raffless City and then Raffless Hotel is within walking distance of the foot as well. Prepare a towel and mineral water are adequate, you are to unwind during the tour of the existing cafes along the route from Lau Pa Sat last and enjoy the atmosphere while you are there.

By late afternoon, you can go to Bugis Junction, Asr prayers at Masjid Sultan or shopping at Mustafa Centre, Little India. Mustafa Center is a one-stop shopping center known telatif prices cheaper than other places in Singapore. At the Mustafa Center, you can shop souvenirs, ranging from knick-knacks Singapore, assorted chocolates, electronic goods to jewelry. You can enjoy Indian food around the Mustafa Center, only with less than SGD 10, you will get a portion of that very much, even for 2 adults. If you are not tired, walk from Orchard Road towards Little India. Along the road in Little India will be widely available jewelry stores that can be 'entertainment' for as long as you walk. On Orchard Road, you can Maghrib or 'Isha Prayer at Masjid Al-Falah.

The second day, sarapanlah a lot, so you get enough energy to get around Singapore a day. Once again, use the MRT or bus to get around Singapore because the cost is relatively cheaper. Sentosa Island, Singapore Zoo, Singapore Botanical Garden is the recommended choice to visit. By late afternoon, you can visit the China Town, because there will begin crowded early evening.

The third day, puaskanlah yourself shopping along Orchard Road near your home departure. Do not forget to check out hotel before 12:00 hours of day and Leave your baggage at the concierge. After a satisfying shopping, take time at least 2 hours before your flight at Changi Airport to just get around or go shopping there again.

Enjoy your trip and vacation.

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