Hospital in singapore

hospital in singaporeSingapore is famous for hospitals and doctors that are reliable. There are many officials and rich people who come from various neighboring countries only for medical treatment in Singapore.

For those of you who want treatment, please register through the International Patient Service Centres, complete information for a phone number or an email can be found here, the International Patient Registration Center for Hospital in Singapore (Singapore). Read also the steps or procedures for treatment to Singapore. For the cost of treatment / consultation, each hospital or physician has its own tariffs. If the first consultation fees set by the government but not anymore, but they still follow the guidelines given by the Singapore Medical Association (Singapore Medical Association) that in Indonesia, possibly as IMA (Indonesian Medical Association). For the range of consulting fees please see the consultation fee physicians / medical treatment in Singapore (Singapore).
List of public hospitals (Public / Restructured)

* Alexandra Hospital (a former British Army Hospital Until 1970)
* Changi General Hospital
* Jurong General Hospital (planned)
* National University Hospital
* Khoo Teck Puat Hospital (under construction)
* Singapore General Hospital (Hotels near Singapore General Hospital)
* Tan Tock Seng Hospital

Specialist Medical Centre in Singapore (Public / Restructured)

* Communicable Disease Centre
* KK Women's and Children's Hospital
* Johns Hopkins Singapore International Medical Centre
* National Blood Centre
* National Dental Centre
* National Skin Centre
* National Cancer Centre
* National Heart Centre
* National Neuroscience Institute
* Singapore Gamma Knife Centre
* Singapore National Eye Centre
* Institute of Mental Health (Originally known as the Woodbridge Hospital)

Private Hospital

* Adam Road Hospital
* Camden Medical Centre
* East Shore Hospital and Medical Center
* Gleneagles Hospital and Medical Center
* HMI Balestier Hospital
* Mount Alvernia Hospital and Medical Center
* Mount Elizabeth Hospital
* Novena Medical Center
* Raffles Hospital
* Thomson Medical Centre
* Westpoint Hospital

Rehabilation Rehabilitation Center / New Patient Care Heal

* Assisi Home & Hospice
* Ang Mo Kio - Thye Hua Kwan Hospital
* Bright Vision Hospital
* East Coast Medicare Centre
* Econ Nursing Home
* Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital and Nursing Home
* Ren Ci Hospital and Medicare Centre
* Saint Andrew's Community Hospital
* Saint Luke's Hospital for the Elderly

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