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casino in singaporeThe Singapore Government officially opened the country's first casino on Sentosa Island, an artificial island built primarily for entertainment centers and world-class tourism. It is expected that 17 million visitors per year flows into the Casino.

Singapore's first gambling palace was opened promptly at 12:18 local time, to coincide with New Year Tiger in the Chinese calendar, which begins today, Sunday (14 / 2). The timing of 12:18 because of the number 12 and 18 in the Chinese language Cantonese pronunciation sounds similar to words 'kesejahteraan'Pembukaan casino is part of Singapore's strategy, which in future will begin to reduce its economic dependence on the industry.

In April next planned second casino opened under the management of the Sands of Las Vegas, USA.

Before the opening of the casino in Resorts World Sentosa, there are already various interesting game. There Sentosa Magix and Cineblast 4d Extreme Log Ride. In the four-dimensional performances, visitors will be taken on a tense situation because every situation is on the screen as if we feel like falling from a cliff, hit a rock until raided dozens of wild animals. It's really fun and exciting.

There is also Tiger Sky Tower and the Sentosa Luge and Skyride. In Sky Tower-shaped disc that can rotate 360 degrees, visitors can see views of Singapore from a height of 131 meters.

Gambling area is located on Sentosa Island, with integrated World Resort area Senlosa, tourist areas that have been in operation since January 20 last. However, the casino area is not open to the public even though its construction has been completed dilakukan.Lee Sin yee, manager of communications Resort World Sentosa said the casino would be opened in the near future. "Awaited alone," Lee said without mentioning the time.

Later, the Singapore government is starting to soften. Private allowed to build a casino gaming with the requirements is integrated with other tourist attractions. Therefore, in addition to casino Resort World Sentosa also build six hotels, and theme parks Universal Studios Singapore. "Thus the focus not only on the casino. But it is also a family tour, "added Lee Sin Yee.

Resort World Sentosa is a tourism project which claimed the biggest, grandest, most expensive in the world. Lee Sin Yee went on, before the casino development plan was challenged opposition parties who are concerned about the adverse effects of gambling on the Singaporean (Singapore citizen). After the dialogue with government-driven, it was decided to operate casinos may not be the main focus of origin. The management was not allowed to advertise these gambling. "That may be advertised only resort course," added Lee Sin Yee.

Another requirement, Singaporeans who enter the gambling area must pay a tariff of $ 100 Singapore (about 650 thousand) or 2,000 U.S. dollars in Singapore for an annual rate. As for foreign tourists is free of cost or free. "This is to prevent gambling addiction Singaporeans, because our target foreign tourists," added Lee.

Casino open 24 hours a day, decorated with a wah interior as well as provide exclusive and private place for executives on the second floor. Indeed, when compared to Genting or Macau. Casino Resort World Sentosa area is still losing big. But no less complete amenities. Built on an area of 15 thousand square meters, this casino has slot machines and tables that serve a variety of game black jack, poker, until roullet. Casino is diarsiteki Michael Graves was made with a warm atmosphere with brown dominate the room.

At the front of the casino there are decorations cargo ship full of kara lulled called Buona Fortuna Boat works of artists from the United States, Dale Chihuly. "This ship is significantly endowed luck hopefully the visitors," said Lee Sin Yee said, tersenyum.Pengunjung casino also does not have to gamble there. Therefore, the manager also provides a lounge area to relax and restaurants for dining.


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