singapore airlinesCurrently, the Jakarta-Singapore route is served by dozens of airlines, so the competition can be spelled out pretty hard ticket price. Still, expectations and budget of different backgrounds, some were willing to depart with renowned airlines, there is an 'important to', and there are adjusting to the schedule.

Normally the price of airline tickets from Jakarta to Singapore is around $ 140-300 round trip per person. Generally is the full service airlines, it means eating and airport baggage transfer is on-cover. Airlines that are in this price range include:

* Garuda Indonesia
* Singapore Airlines
* Lufthansa
* Qatar Airlines
* Etihad Airlines

As for the plane ticket is cheaper, there are several budget airlines, whose prices start from USD 100,000 to USD 1,500,000 for one-way, depending on the promotion and season. No doubt his budget airlines there are reduced, ranging from no drinks and food, limited baggage allowance, the early morning flight hours, until the delay without compensation.

* Lion Air
* Sriwijaya Air
* AirAsia
* Tiger Airways
* Valuair / JetStar

In the past the crowd and continued to fly to Batam ferry to Singapore so that payments can be cheaper tax, but since the enactment of tax-free from Indonesia, it was flying to Batam, the price was the same as directly into Changi airport. Exception if you live in the city of Sumatra island who do not have access to the International airport, usually have to go to Batam first.

The average plane ticket can be purchased online, especially AirAsia, which is specialist promo airline tickets via the Internet. You must be diligent, diligently visiting their respective websites airlines to get cheap tickets promotion. Even Singapore Airlines (SQ) also have a promo price, USD 128 per person (minimum 4 people) return. Tickets purchased via the Internet using credit cards, and make sure you use a credit card myself because some airlines do credit card checks at the airport.

AirAsia, SQ, Qatar, and several other airlines have web check-in facilities, where you can specify the number of seats, even the type of food within 24-72 hours prior to departure. Stay-print boarding pass at home, and then exchanged with the original boarding pass at the airport counter, more practical and fast!
Cheap Hotels in Singapore

If it be honest, most people prefer to stay in Indonesia a luxury five-star hotel than a budget hotel, and this applies to tourists to Singapore. And indeed the choice cheap hotels in Singapore a bit limited, but if the observant and diligent search for a price we can get a cheap room.

In my opinion, for the category of countries Singapore, cheap hotels is the hotel room double its price of less than SGD 90 or USD 600,000. If in Indonesia was this price we can get at least a 3 star hotel, this price in Singore only 2 star hotel that is generally downward.

Choice of location is actually not much of a problem because Singapore is a small country, and from the west end to the eastern tip of this island can be reached car within 40 minutes. Some districts are specific to the hotel cluster.

* Balestier
This area was originally intended for private condominium owned by many Indonesian people, then developed into a region practically hotel.Boleh budget this place is very comfortable with the many eateries along Balestier Road. One deficiency is fairly remote access to the MRT, the nearest station is a Novena and Newton are within walking distance about 15 minutes. But for users of city buses, there are several routes through the region.
* Geylang
Geylang district famous for its evening entertainment, as well as many delicious foods that can be found. The nearest MRT station is Kalang, can be reached by walking about 10 minutes. De facto, this is the red-light district in Singapore by the number of sex workers are milling about on the roadside. If you are really looking for cheap hotels and indifferent, may consider the hotels here. But if you bring a family or children, I would not recommend staying in this area.

Roads in Geylang are numbered 1 to a dozen. Odd-numbered road (1.3, etc.) is a paradise of good food, while even-numbered streets (2.4, etc.) is a red-light district. Hotels in Geylang occupy even-numbered streets, and my advice should you select a hotel in aisle 2 to 8, which is still relatively comfortable.
* Joo Chiat
Not far from Geylang, Joo Chiat also has a lot of evening entertainment such as bars and night clubs. But the area is arguably relatively 'clean'. Quite a lot of cheap hotels here, unfortunately access to the MRT station is also quite far away.
* Bugis
Not many cheap hotels here, my last stay in New 7th Storey Hotel (behind Bugis Junction) but now it is evicted to build a new MRT line. But you can still find the hostel. This area is good to be home base because it is situated in the middle of town, many places to eat and shopping, and easy access.
* Little India
Area which is becoming a village of Indians or rivets, offers cheap hotel with a different atmosphere. You also can find plenty of cheap food. Mustafa shops, department stores are famous for the many variations of the goods is located here.
* Orchard Rd,
nah is of course the most expensive area for the hotel. Minimum hotel here is a 3 star rated above USD 100. Live here, shop here and eat here, all complete but expensive if you live in the area of Orchard.

Here is a list of cheap hotels that I managed to collect and recommend.

* Hotel 81 Chinatown, because the location is quite strategic and close to Chinatown MRT, the hotel is the main recommendation, although the room is quite small. The price is sometimes expensive and sometimes cheaper depending on promotions.
* Fragrance Hotel - Emerald, the rooms quite small but clean and comfortable in the area of Geylang. Usually a choice hotel tour company.
* Fragrance Hotel - Oasis, in the Balestier area as well, decent quality standard.
* Fragrance Hotel - Joo Chiat
* Value Hotel, actually there are 3 hotels in nearby locations. Located at Balestier Rd. Please try Value Hotel - Thompson, Balestier, and Nice.

As for the choice of backpackers, there is also a cheap hostel. Normally shaped dorm, so beds are nested or one large room containing 4-8 beds. There are mixed (male female) there is a special female dorm. Some hostels provide kitchen facilities so we could cook their own. Safety of goods, of course, the responsibility of each, but there was never any case of theft kok.

* Hangout @ Mt. Emily, in the area of Little India, the price of dorm around SGD 40 / person including breakfast
* Footprint, not far from the Hangout, the price is also around SGD30-40 per person.
* Incrowded Backpackers Hostel, also Little India area
* Bugis Backpackers, the price of SGD 20-40 / person
* ABCBackpackers, in bugis area

Good hotels in Singapore

As I alluded to above, cheap and expensive limit each person is different. There are people who like to save money on shopping but want to stay in star hotels. Here I provide a list of several hotels which includes very good. Room rates are double the price of the cheapest type, but most likely you will get more expensive price.

* Meritus Mandarin Hotel, 5 *, Orchard, ~ SGD 260/malam
* Crowne Plaza - Changi, 5 *, Changi Airport,> SGD170/malam.
The only airport hotel connected directly to the Changi terminal, makes this property attractive for those who wish to transit or do not want to carry luggage to the center of town.
* The Regents Singapore - Four Seasons, 5 *, Orchard, ~ SGD 210/malam
* Siloso Beach Resort Hotel, 4 *, Sentosa, ~ SGD 200/malam.
Unique location situated on the island of Sentosa, the excess is more quiet and the atmosphere of the resort, the minus is the search for food outside the hotel is quite difficult.
* Holiday Inn - Atrium, 4 *, Clarke Quay, ~ SGD 160/malam
* Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel, 4 *, Marine Parade, ~ SGD 140/malam.
Certainly the standard of service from Accor hotels make this an attractive option. Its location on the East Coast and close to shopping centers Marine Parade. There is a free shuttle bus to the airport.

City Tour in Singapore

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