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halal food in singaporeEasy to Find Halal Food in Singapore
than Indonesia
Chairman of the Fatwa Council of Indonesian Ulama Council (MUI) Anwar Ibrahim judge that kosher food in Indonesia is still difficult to find as no martinet though labeling problem had been established by law. the food is really halal in Indonesia than in Singapore, "Anwar said in Jakarta on Tuesday.

During a visit to the MUI DPP Golkar at Istiqlal mosque, on Tuesday afternoon, Anwar said the issue to the troupe, led by Chairman of the Golkar faction House of Representatives, Priyo Budi Santoso. "(Indonesia) Must be like Prime Minister of Singapore who said,` I do not want any of the people complain of hard to find halal food in Singapore ', "said Anwar.

Complete information, see http://www.halalguide.info/content/view/1052/

Halal Cuisine in Singapore
In accordance posts above, look for halal food singapore / certified kosher dining in Singapore is not difficult. For places to eat fast food (fast food) such as McDonald's, KFC, Pizza Hut, Burger King and several other fast-food restaurants typically offer halal food. Halal food is also sold in restoraun or Muslim shop located in all food and hawker centers in Singapore.

Almost more than 400 halal food stalls in Singapore that has been approved by MUIS (Islamic Religious Council of Singapore / Islamic Religious Council of Singapore). MUIS was sort of his MUI Singapore. To learn more, please visit the website http://www.muis.gov.sg/cms/index.aspx

For those who want to find a place to eat well / culinary singapore with local specialties and of course in accordance with the price of budget travel bag. Below could be your guide to get it.

Some favorite kosher food places

1. Chicken Rice - Bugis Junction
Bugis Junction - this is my favorite place to eat, here also the first time tasting food that is typical Singapore Hainanese Chicken Rice (Hainanese chicken rice). Maybe I did not like Mr. Bondan Winarno who can tell which foods are good or not, because I think the food is appetizing.

sing-chickenriceTapi it's not wrong to try this food, its location not far from Bugis MRT. Walk about 300 meters located right in Backpacker Cozy Corner Hotel. To review this hotel please search the archives or visit http://artsons.wordpress.com/ looking at the reviews the hotel / inn.

Prices plate of Hainanese Chicken Rice about 3-4 $ Sing plus iced tea drag around 1-1.5 $ Sing.

2. Nasi Briyani - Little India
For those who like to eat foods of Indian food menu may be called Nasi Briyani worth the try. Briyani rice actually looks like fried rice, but no fry cooking process in the making.

Before making briyani rice, herbs and spices first characteristic of this food is cooked with mutton, chicken or vegetables. The selection of meat or vegetables, depending on the species. After all the spices in cooking, it just put rice and water.

Looking resaturan or food stalls is not difficult, but to get a cheap price of these foods can be tried in Little India. It's right on the edge of Mustapha Building Centre in Little India. Its location is at the crossroads of the building face to face with Mustapha Centre shopping center.

Price for 3-4 $ Sing Nasi Briyani depends menu additions such as vegetables or other extras menu. Roti Prata curry plus valuable 2-3 $ Sing.

3. Ramly Burger - Clementi
Ever hear of a new food called Burger Ramly? Well if you're curious to try this type of food can find places that serve food this menu at the Food Center in Clementi Central. The location is right behind NTUC Supermarket.

4. Lucky Plaza
sing-fitting luckyplaza If you are shopping or in the streets in the Orchard area, do not bother to find a place to eat kosher. Simply visiting Lucky Plaza, upstairs there are many food outlets that logo / halal certificate. And certainly a lot of Indonesian food outlets such as Nasi Padang Food Store. It's just for the price, it looks like the prices of food here is less suited to budget travel wallet.

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