life cost in singaporefor those of you who want to migrate to Singapore, estimate how much the cost of living in Singapore may be a sign of a big question. that if we talk about the cost of living - then this will return to the style of life "lifestyle" someone. But there is a minimum living expenses which a person / family can live a decent in Singapore. This paper will discuss how the minimum living expenses in Singapore in early 2010 - by not ignoring some tertiary.

1. The cost of rental units / rental room
In the component cost of living in Singapore, the cost of rental units / rental room took the biggest portion. If you're a bachelor who wanted to rent a room - costs start from SGD 400 per person at the HDB. HDB refers to apartments built and subsidized by the government. Rent a room at the condo can be more expensive again start from SGD 600 / person.
If you bring the family and rent a unit size of 2 1, then you have to spend a minimum of SGD 1600. These costs will increase if you rent a larger unit, or units close to downtown, or MRT.

2. Cost PUB (Public Utilization Board)
Electricity, water, waste disposal costs and gas (if your unit uses a centralized gas) is a component of cost PUB. Large-size PUB cost depends on the everyday use. As a rough benchmark, the amount of approximately SGD 60 / adult.

3. Transportation costs
This fee is primarily for you who use the MRT, or bus as the primary means to work or school. As a rough benchmark, the amount of approximately SGD 80 / adult / month.
If your status as a student, aged <7 years old, or older than 65 years - do not forget to use a concession card issued by the LTA. By using this concession cards, the cost of the MRT / bus would be much cheaper if compared to the cost incurred by ordinary people.

4. The cost of meals
Medium-class dining in Singapore - often called a hawker. Here you can get the food starts at 0.80 SGD (eg plain prata) to about SGD 1500 hrs (eg for chili crab). Food prices also depends on the location of the hawker that you visit - the more elite location you visit the same food prices can be more expensive SGD 12:40 - SGD 1.00. A plate of vegetable egg rice may be worth SGD 1:50 disuatu hawker located in a school / university and may be worth SGD 2:50 at another hawker. If you are a student then the cost of meals SGD 225 / month is enough, while for employee costs might be swelled to SGD 400 / month. Such costs can be lowered if you bring your family, so simply eating lunch at the hawker, while breakfast and dinner at home. For a family of cost SGD 900 / month, perhaps it is enough to serving healthy and nutritious food. (Remember in Singapore - the largest component is the component of the location / lease).

5. School Fees
If you have school aged children - then you should be ready to pay the school ranging from SGD 30.00 per month for school fees and school shuttle bus. Monthly fees start from SGD 150.00 / month is required if you have children aged kindergarten.

6. Cost watching
For you who like watching movies at the cinema - do not forget to set aside SGD 10:00 / months to be able to watch at least 1 times in the cinemas in Singapore.

7. The cost of internet / cable TV
Singapore has the infrastructure of the Internet / cable TV which reaches almost all parts of Singapore. You can choose to subscribe from one provider in Singapore - and usually HDB units in Singapore has been reached by their services. Costs start at SGD 60.00 per month.

8. Other expenses
Other expenses such as haircuts around SGD 10:00 / arrival, went to the doctor costs SGD 45.00 / arrival, the cost of eating in restaurants SGD 15:00 / arrival / person, the cost of cosmetics, clothing, recreation fees, etc..

I personally believe that the cost of living in Singapore is not really much different from the cost of living in Indonesia (Jakarta and Batam) - which sets it apart is the cost of housing (rental units / rooms), which is like heaven to earth. So if you are a bachelor then the cost of your life starts from SGD 800 / month, and if you bring along family and rented a unit cost of living then you and your family starts from SGD 2500 / month.

Finally, the real cost of living in Singapore will come back to each individual.

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