transport in singaporeSingapore is one country with the world's best public transportation. There are various modes of transportation that allows both residents and tourists menjelalah this island nation in an efficient and timely manner, starting from the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit), LRT, City Bus, and taxi.

As a tourist, you do not need to fear a stray or lost, because in addition to small, route information and directions is unbelievably clear and easy to find. For most people, ride the MRT is the most delicious and easy to get to a location, but in my opinion is actually exploring the city bus is better because it can see the scenery around and the atmosphere in each district.

Taxis in Singapore are very well regulated by the government. As passengers we are guaranteed to get the same service when using any taxi company. Also do not have to worry about spinning brought to exaggerate the meter. To become a taxi driver in Singapore itself is very difficult because they have to memorize all the street names and routes in the country, know the shortest route, to know the hours the enactment of surcharge and road pricing.

As of October 2009, the beginning of the taxi fare is SGD 2.80. Sometimes you will be subject to surcharge (additional fee) if: call via call centers, up from a particular place such as a ferry terminal or airport, curfews, etc..

Tips: For group three or four, could be increased even more expensive than a taxi ride the MRT if your mileage is not too far away.

A maximum of 4 people who may only be a passenger cab.


MRT is a bulk carrier and the most reliable transportation in Singapore. While the LRT is available in certain areas that have not reached the MRT, monorail with a carriage berbentuknya 2-3. MRT managed and regulated by the government-owned company whose name SMRT.

I think Singapore MRT MRT is one of the best in the world in terms of cleanliness and service.

By the end of 2009, there are 4 lines and 3 MRT LRT line operating. MRT Line was given a different color on the map so easily distinguished. Circle Line (yellow) is the latest line and not yet fully operational (the dashed line is not yet operating). Click the images below to enlarge.

Some routes, especially in the middle of town, built in the basement (underground), and the rest is elevated. At peak hours, especially in the interchange station, the train can be very crowded and full. Avoid travel in at 8-9 am and 5-7 nights.

Rates of travel by the MRT is calculated based on distance / number of stations passed. For a distance of one station charged SGD 0.60 to 0.80. For the farthest distance of charge up to SGD 2. You may freely exchange line provided that is not out of the ticket gate.

There are two different ways of payment; point-to-point, which means you only buy a ticket for one trip, and another is to use ez-link card. This card is a chip card that can be filled with a certain balance (top-up). The minimum value that can be in top-ups are a maximum of SGD 10 and SGD 100. Paying a point-to-point fall would be more expensive than using the EZ-link card.

Ez-link card can be purchased from ticket offices at all stations or from ticket machines. If the ticket office queue is very long, you should buy directly from the ticket machine, just follow the instructions on the screen and then masukka SGD banknotes or coins, the card will come out of the machine. Time money on the card may be requested refund when you want to come home from Singapore, or stored for the next arrival.

Changi Airport is also served by the MRT (green line). Its location is situated in Terminal 2. Follow the signs "Train" if you've landed and out of the Arrival hall of the terminal anywhere.

Not all areas covered by the MRT lines. For the general population, a trip to the office by bus from the town house / apartment to the nearest MRT station, then proceed with the MRT train. If you do not really make up time, city bus offers views along the road.

There are several bus companies that operate buses in Singapore, but the service, cost and systems used are the same. EZ-link card can be used on all buses, make sure you do the tap / touch the card reader machines while riding as well as down. Rates are determined by the number of bus stops that have been passed.

Although it is quite difficult to memorize the bus number, bus route available guidebooks can be purchased at stations or bookstores. In addition there are also applications iPhone or PDA phone that you can download to get the bus route.

Also you can find bus routes by visiting the SBS Transit website.


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